Finca Verde

Land Stewards Wanted

Balancing the tension between land stewardship and regenerative agriculture for a right livelihood

We are looking for a person or family to join us at Finca Verde.

What / Where is Finca Verde?

Finca Verde is a regenerative permaculture farm. Parts of the farm have been organic for over 3 years and other parts only since the end of last year, we are creating the future by nurturing the soil, increasing biodiversity and creating a farm-to-table route.

Most of the land is planted with centenary olive trees, almonds and some fruit trees including loquat and oranges.

The farm is in Lanjaron, in the Granada region — Southern Spain.

What would being a land steward involve?

A land steward would carry out development, maintenance, and upkeep tasks and participate during harvest time for 2 days a week / 16 hours a week.

Tasks involve:

  • General farming tasks, cut down weeds for mulching,
  • Pruning trees — previous experience preferred but if you are willing to learn that would be good
  • Maintenance of the irrigation system, unblocking and replacing pipes, monitoring irrigation
  • Planting and maintenance of the vegetable garden — you can use to grow your own food

What do we provide:

  • Place to set up your caravan / build your small cabin — size, materials and placement to be agreed together
  • Communal spaces with electricity and wifi
  • Tools to do the job

What sort of vibe do we have going on:

  • We are quiet people who do not abuse alcohol and any kind of drugs — we are looking for like-minded people
  • We have two old dogs who don’t usually get along with other male dogs
  • We have very good relationships with out neighbors and we want to keep it that way


Is this a paid position?

  • No, we provide a rent-free space in which you can grow your own food and live on the land in exchange for 16 hours of work a week
  • During harvest time you might decide to work more for a share of the profits

If I come with my family how many hours will we have to work?

  • The number of hours required is fixed so if you are a family of 2 adults with 2 children you can decide to split the hours between the adults or have one adult cover the hours needed whilst the other partner works elsewhere.

Is the place safe for children?

  • In general, the place is safe in that we are not near any busy road, very young children should be supervised on the land as we have steep drops off the terraces. We expect parents to be responsible for educating their children about safety around the countryside.

What facilities will be available for us to use?

  • We will be building a compost toilet, outdoor shower and outdoor kitchen

Could we start our own business on the land? For example, grow vegetables to sell / run workshops etc.?

  • We are open to discussing any ideas you have and working out a solution that works for everyone

How long will we be able to stay?

  • We would like people to stay for as long as all parties are happy with the arrangement. Initially whilst we all get to know each other we would be happy to agree to a trial period, for short stays less than 3 months a 2 week trial for longer stays perhaps 4 to 8 weeks trial.

Will I be able to find paid work in the area?

  • Paid unskilled work in the Granada region is not easy to find the unemployment rates are 25% and so if you depend on working in the area for the money we advise you to secure work before you come.

What if I help you make the farm more profitable — would you employ me then?

  • We would be very happy to work with you as partners for any business venture which makes the farm more profitable. That would mean an equal share of the profit.
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