Solo Silent Retreat – 4 days of your choice in the Alpujarra

A solo silent retreat is an opportunity to be alone with your thoughts in silence. During the retreat you will break the silence only during meals.

You may choose to meditate the rest of the day or engage in quiet activities such as solitary hiking, swimming or reading. If you feel you need guidance for your retreat, we can provide you with reflection questions.

Healthy vegan and vegetarian meals will be served on the terrace or near the pool in the shade and we use this time to reconnect with you.

A solo retreat is a retreat that you do on your own, we only accept individual reservations and we place other participants who can come at the same time in different parts of the farm so as not to hinder your time alone in silence.

Please make sure you read the complete info pack before booking.

Camping place / Caravan Parking12€ per night
Healthy vegan and vegetarian meals10€ per day
Camping tent, inflatable mattress and sleeping bag10€ per night
  • Solo Silent Retreat

    Solo Silent Retreat in the Alpujarra 4 days of your choice 12€ per night for a camping place or caravan parking, 10€ per day for meals 10€ per night for camping equipment including a text, inflatable mattress and sleeping bag
    12 per night

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